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Security PlanningPlan:

Operational Assessment: We examine your operation, technology, and culture in order to provide a thorough assessment of your security operation.  
Vulnerability and Threat Assessment: A thoughtful expert analysis of a facility, processes, and technology. These can be expansive or limited individual elements such as guard functions, access control, camera system, lockdown plan, Security Operations Centers (SOC), etc.
Database: Review the current system database and plan for any changes needed to update and align it with other business elements.  
Compliance Audits and Analysis: An independent survey and review of an organization’s compliance with corporate plans or existing regulatory standards such as FIPS-201, Homeland Security, NERC-CIP.
Long Term Planning: A roadmap is developed for a multiphase approach that addresses an array of security needs. This roadmap is aligned with the organization’s strategic goals and business master plan.

Security Program DesignDesign:

Security Program Design: Development of Policy and Procedures, workflow, and responsibilities as related to the security program.
Security System Design:  System Design of Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Alarm Monitoring, Event Handling, Parking and Barrier Control, and Integrated Logical and Physical Security.
Database Design: Review of existing data sources and recommendations for refinement of both one-time imports and continued database connectors. Development of a consistent naming schema for database objects.
Integration Design: Concept and detail design through use cases and engineered drawings. These include, but are not limited to, integrations with HR databases, student databases, building automation systems, elevator systems, and virtually any business or building system.

Execute Security PlanImplementation:

Project Management:  PMP Trained complete-cycle management of procurement, installation, testing, acceptance and operational turnover to client.
Procurement:  RFP/RFI creation, system behavior expectations, pre-bid conference planning, bid accuracy review, life-cycle estimate calculations.
Acceptance testing: Requirements for test plan submittal and approval, database design, system specification certification, and final acceptance testing. Review of naming schema.
Commissioning: Validation of all system behavior, operations, and nomenclature, including training and documentation.

Security TrainingTraining:

Technical Systems Operation Training:  We offer training at both the operator and administrative levels of your system.  This includes both technology use and process training.
Operations Process Refinement:  We review your processes and operations, then make suggestions on refinements and changes.
Management Consulting:  The GCS team provides counsel on the precise technology and processes to make your operation more effective and successful.